Thinking Out Loud About Brand and Promises

Three drivers of what people think your brand stands for

When people start talking about brand one of the inevitable questions that pops up is “what do you think X org” stands for? This question gets asked of employees, customers, partners – pretty much any stakeholder with a pulse will at some … [More]

What is the role of authenticity?

The question in the title is the fruit of a conversation that I had in late 2013 with Megan Barrow (@meganbarrow of JoElla Marketing). Megan is a great supporter of mine and I’d promised her a coffee by way of thanks. A friendly chat led to … [More]

What are your non-negotiables?

Values. Google calls them the “ten things we know to be true”. Atlassian says they “guide our business, our product development, and our brand”. Big corporates like to talk about them but they never seem to add up. I call them … [More]

What makes you care about a brand?

What makes you care about an organisation and their brand? It’s a good question to ask yourself because your customers are just like you and the things that make you care will probably make them care as well. So put yourself in their … [More]

SME Brands that I like – Journal Cafe

(Due to a tech snaffu my usual blog on Smart Company didn't run this week. Here it is...) It’s easy to miss, up a small flight of stairs out the front of the City Library in Flinders Lane. A subtle name on the window is all that … [More]

What is…

What's our vision? What's our mission? Where do we want to be in three years, five years, 10 years? So much of what we think about, talk about and focus on in organisations is driven by thinking around that imagined future. But what … [More]