Have you ever made a promise you couldn’t keep? As an Independent Brand Counsel I advise on the risk to your purpose and values of making the wrong promises.

Unmet opportunities, plateaus and downturns happen and they are often caused by a misalignment between your identity and the promises you are making.

The wrong promises crush confidence and chip away at your purpose and values. They can also trigger morale issues, sales anomalies, stakeholder challenges and public relations drama, all eroding your brand result.


As a brand counsel I am skilled at finding those disconnects and getting you back on track. So you and your teams can hold true to your purpose and values, make promises that make sense for you, and keep those promises … consistently.


You can engage me as your Brand Counsel per hour, per day or by project/matter. If you’d like to talk about your brand result, or get a quote please contact me.

What does a Brand Counsel do?

As an independent advisor and practitioner, l work closely with you to more deeply understand the problem and then employ the most relevant approaches and tools to solve it. Along the way we focus on building capability and know-how for the people and teams in the org so you can make promises with more confidence.

  • Find or sanity check your org identity of purpose and values
  • Map the org identity against the experience people have who work with and for you, and buy from you
  • Review intended and existing promises against elements of identity, resources, capacity, culture and time
  • Provide advice on potential promise gaps and their risk to your purpose and values.
  • Help embed what you care about into what you say, what you do and how you do it.

A robust, resilient brand result is not achieved through a list of tactical outputs such as marketing campaigns and logos. It is comes from your org identity and the promises you keep. What promises are you making and how are you keeping them?

For more information download the Brand Counsel PDF.

Michel is one of those rare professionals who possesses the trinity of skills, tools and empirical wisdom to help you think differently about your challenges…

AJ Kulatunga